Eat Big To Get Big

I get asked just about everyday of my life from different people on how I put on so much weight. My answer is, “EAT BIG TO GET BIG.” When I first started the gym I would do all the supplements that everyone told me to take from creatine to bcaa’s and not one of them really worked until I started forcing my self to eat a lot of food. I was 110 pounds forcing my self to eat 10,000 calories a day and drinking up to 4 shakes a day. This wasn’t an easy task it took me about 2 weeks to really get my stomach to take in a large amount of food, before I started lifting I only ate twice a day and they were small meals. When finally started gaining weight I gained about 20 pounds in 2 months and then leveled out. I changed my workout from doing reps to lifting heavier with less reps and that seemed to work. After I peaked out at 140 pounds I started taking creatine again and that seemed to help get me up to 150. The weight that I was gaining was not all muscle it was some fat so I took a break from bulking and started cutting body fat. This took about 3 weeks for me to lose 8 pounds without losing strength or muscle. After I lost 8 pounds I started bulking again and gradually worked my way up to 160 pounds. After I hit 160 I cut about 10 pounds of body fat over a month period, I did lose some strength. After I lost the 10 pounds I made it my goal to hit 180 pounds. Then I tried and tried to make it over 160 pounds but couldn’t do it. So I decided to try a SARM called MK667. This supplement I strongly recommended until the company took it off the market. With the MK I did hit 180 pounds and currently I am content on my weight and body fat percentage. If you have any question about bulking or gaining weight feel free to email me.