Why Form Is Better Than Weight

Starting out in the gym can be difficult not only physically but also mentally. You will see many people in the gym that will be doing an exercise the wrong way, this puts a huge risk on your self. Most people have the mid-set that they have to strain their guts out to get the body they want, but in reality if you hurt your self you will accomplish nothing but numerous doctor visits and not the body that you want. My suggestion to you is to start out at a lighter weight and get the proper form early, and then start putting on more if that’s what your goals insist.

Squatting- I see people every gym visit that do not squat properly. You need to keep your back straight, your legs shoulder width apart, head up, and don’t buckle your legs inward.

Bench- A little wider width apart, back flat on the bench, drive through your legs (not your back), and don’t flare your arms out.

Dead Lifts- Back straight, chin up, grip shoulder width apart, drive through legs, then straighten your back out.

These are the 3 major movements that have the most injuries. Be smart people and don’t end up in the hospital or doctors office.