Trying to Put On Mass




Some people think that gaining weight is easy, but for some people it’s not an easy task. The key to putting on mass is “eat big, lift big.” Sounds simple but actually it can be an overwhelming process of science with the human body. Most body builders act like it’s an easy process but for some people it can be the hardest thing they have every done. When I started working out everyone always told me to drink gainer shakes and workout. I found it very hard to even stomach just one whole shake. With my body I felt like I would start eating a meal and began to get full after just a few bites of my meal. Trying to gain weight was a trial and error process for my body. So I decided to buy normal protein and started eating more meals at a smaller portion. Then I was introduced to a supplement called creatine monohydrate, this really helped me gain weight and also increased my performance in the gym. Shortly after that I took a pro-hormone that really helped me in the gym and helped my appetite which made me gain more weight. Keep in mind that I was not on a certain diet, I was just eating what ever I could to gain weight. Since I started working out in the gym I have taken sarms, test boosters, pre-workout, pump supplements and bcaa’s. The main goal of this blog is to discuss supplements, how they work, the good and the bad, what really works, and also constant blogs on weight gain, weight loss and workouts.